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Aqua Fish Ty Beanie Boo

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When I'm in the reef, I'm a happy fish, and playing all day is my only wish! You’ll find the Ty Beanie Boo Blue Fish Aqua swimming among seaweeds. A touch of rainbow, a splash of ocean blue, speckles of silver, textured super sparkle accents, and glittery fins make this one unique tropical swimmer. Each small Ty Beanie Boo is 6” (15cm) and is made of super soft Ty silk material with the big iconic Beanie Boo glitter eyes. The Ty Beanie Boo Blue Fish Aqua is a little fish, who loves to make those fins go swish. Through the water this fish does swim, even when it's pretty dim. Let this little sparkly fish light the way for you! The Ty Beanie Boo Blue Fish Aqua has a birthday of February 18th, which is written on the included official Ty heart tag.