Ty Beanie Boo Masks

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The cutest masks have arrived! The Ty Beanie Boo Masks are one size fits most for both kids and adults. This comfortable, custom fit is possible due to the flexible nose bridge and adjustable ear loops. These masks are reusable and washable. Made of a 100% polyester outer-layer and a 80% polyester 20% cotton blend mix inner-layer, these Ty Beanie Boo Masks offer fantastic protection while still being breathable and easy to wear. Choose your favorite character as these adorable faces come in 9 different styles. If you're feeling simple, this black and white panda wants to be visible to all in school, shopping, or at play with your friends. There is no monkeying around with Coconut the Beanie Boo Mask; wear this mask and go bananas. In true sloth form, Dangler wants to hang around and what better place than on a Beanie Boo Mask. You can be sure to show off your colorful beauty with Dotty, who, in true leopard fashion, is ready to leap into action for all your mask needs. When you feel the need to be a unicorn, there is Fantasia the Beanie Boo Mask, which will coordinate with your style for the day. Never fear, Giselle the leopard is near as a Beanie Boo Mask. Never fear, you will be quite the fashionista when Giselle the leopard is near as a Beanie Boo Mask. Kiki will give a loud meow when you wear this kitty cat mask at school, on the playground, or bopping around town. While you are in school or out and about, you will surely stand out wearing Owen the Beanie Boo Mask. Get ready for action and capture all the warm characteristics of this husky while wearing a Slush Beanie Boo Mask at school and out in public.