Mystic BIO Chunky Glitter -Moon Glitter

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Bio fine glitter is a sparkling, environmentally friendly glitter that feels more comfortable on the skin and still shines as well as conventional glitter

  • Cosmetic grade & safe to apply to the face, hair and body
  • Supplied in a pocket sized resealable container
  • Apply the glitter using Moon Glitter Fix Gel, Lip Glue, Hair Glue or Nail Glue
  • Remove with water
  • Made from plant cellulose from sustainably farmed, organic eucalyptus trees instead of plastic.
  • Vegan
  • 3g

Masquerade (G29024), Celebration (G29079), Shamrock (G29031), Aquarium (G29017), Glacier (G29000), Enchanted (G29048), Blossom (G29055), Champagne (G29062)